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Goldstrike           Colorado Gold Adventures


Guided gold adventures, you keep all the gold!


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Goldstrike Adventures to go!


Experience your own adventure right at home or give as a great gift for the gold prospectors in your life.


We start with raw, gold-rich creekbed material from one of our best secret locations and screen it to 1/8" for ideal panning. We then add genuine placer gold nuggets to every bag.


Choose from:


Adventure Paydirt

Unable to accept returns.

Allow 3-5 business days for shipping.

Open 7 days per week, 365 days per year, weather and scheduling permitting.


Reservations required, call and book your Goldstrike Colorado gold adventure today!


"One of the most memorable things to do in Denver!" 

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Nugget in Every Bag: $59.00

(Averages over 10 ounces of gold per ton of paydirt)


3lbs of paydirt with lots of fine and chunky gold, Each bag is guaranteed a nugget as the name implies. Great for beginners and old timers alike!

Richest Square Mile on Earth: $129.00

(Averages over 22 ounces of gold per ton of paydirt and larger nuggets)


3lbs of the best paydirt you may ever pan, spoonful for spoonful, pan for pan.

Get the best authentic raw natural paydirt on the planet delivered to your door every month in a 3lb bag and save money. Guaranteed nugget in every bag.

Shipping and membership available to U.S. residents only.


of the Month

12 Mile Placer Mine Paydirt: $129 per month

Extracted from over 10,200 ft. el.

Each 3 lb bag is loaded with fine gold, chunky gold and nuggets.

Au Nugget Mine Paydirt: $59 per month

Guaranteed nugget in every bag.