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Guided gold adventures, you keep all the gold!


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The Gold-N-Sand hand dredge system allows you to classify and collect gold bearing material right from the stream bed and from behind rocks, etc. You do this by hand-pumping it while collecting into a 2-1/2 gal bucket. The Gold-N-Sand eliminates losing material off of your shovel by digging in the streamflow. You can also hand pump directly into your sluicebox with a Boomer Box attachment.

We offer you the opportunity to use the revolutionary new Gold Cube, which is the hottest new product on the market today and is the next generation of highbanking gold recovery systems. It will allow you to process up to 16- 5gal buckets per hour (1,000lbs/hr) of 1/8th inch classified material, maximizing your time and energy without losing any fine gold.

The standard of the industry is the Keene A52 Sluice. This piece of equipment allows you to go through a hundred panfulls of gravel in the same amount of time as hand panning just a few panfulls. It does this by letting the water in the creek do most of the work for you. We teach you how to setup and maintain a sluice, run classified material through it and how to do final cleanup. After that, we show you how to separate your gold from the heavy black sands.


The Equipment

We ALSO offer you every prospectors dream.... the opportunity to learn how to run a motorized 3" suction pontoon dredge and get down there where the nuggets are hiding.... yes, YOU keep all the gold you find on your adventure!

All of this state of the art equipment

helps you get more gold and we show you how to use it.


This results in much more gold in your

bottle at the end of your adventure.  

In fact, we help you get as much

gold as possible and teach you all you

need to know to get started on your own.